The Executive Committee 2020/21


Yousuf Mirza

Hi, I’m Yousuf and I have the pleasure of being DUES’ President this year. I’m a 3rd year Econ student from Stephenson and I was Socials Officer last year. My role means I ensure the smooth running of the Society and that you all have a great experience. When I’m not occupied with Econ, which is actually a worrying amount, I get involved in Music Durham’s singing groups and definitely not binge-watching TikTok. I hope you have a great year and hopefully you’ll see me around this year and if want a chat, have any questions or even suggestions just message me @

Andrew Chang

Hello, my name is Andrew and I am the Vice President of DUES for 2020-2021. I am a final year Combined Honours student reading Economics, History and Philosophy at Collingwood college. As vice president, I will be working with Yousuf in overlooking general operations and assisting with the development of our student Economics journal, rebranded as Ceteris Paribus. I hope that our society will serve as a platform for everyone interested in economics to interact. If you have any questions or are interested to get involved, please feel free to contact me at

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Laetitia Bradamante
Socials Officer

Hi! I'm Jenny, a third year Economics student at St Cuthbert's Society. As Vice President (Operations), I overlook the logistics and operations of the society, e.g. treasury, events planning and management. I hope our student-led society can serve as a platform for all to explore their interest in economics regardless of degree. I'm also the Faculty Rep of the Business School so feel free to share any feedback here. Outside of economics, I am an aspiring polyglot and I enjoy volunteering as the DUSVO student exec’s Vice President. Please feel free to contact me at

Hi, I’m Laetitia and I’m a final year Economics student at Collingwood College. I’m this years Socials Officer for DUES. My role involves managing the society’s numerous social events including the highly anticipated Economics ball! In my spare time, I enjoy anything related to fashion, photography, cooking and traveling. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at

Jenny Teoh
Vice President (Operations)
Akrit Khatiwada
Sponsorship Officer
Sponsorship Officer

Hi, my name is Akrit and I am the Sponsorship Officer of DUES. I am now a fourth year Economics student at University College, having just completed my placement year at SAP. I am responsible for sourcing and securing sponsors for our society. I look forward to discussing economics-related topics and current affairs with fellow driven students at our events. Please feel free to contact me at

Max Szeles

Hi, my name is Max I am a second-year Economics and Finance student from St.Johns College and sponsorship officer for the DUES in 2020-2021. As sponsorship officer, I am responsible for reaching out to large organisations to develop relationships and source funding. Outside of the society I also act as road captain for DU Cycling and I'm an avid follower of the markets. If you are looking to support the society or if you have any questions about my role contact me at

Zhenting Qian
Speakers Officer

Hi! I’m Zhenting and I’m a 3rd year Accounting and Finance student from Collingwood College. This year, I will be working together with Ido to organise many online panels and workshops, covering resourceful academic talks and also insightful career events. The world is dramatically evolving especially under this pandemic, and I hope these events will give you some fresh perspectives on economics. In my spare time, I love practicing Latin dance as a part of DanceSport Team, and I adjust to the recent situation by doing more reading instead. I would love to hear from you on any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at

Ido Ohana
Speakers Officer

Hey! I’m Ido, a 3rd year Economics student from St Aidans college. I am this year’s co-speakers officer alongside Pernille. I will invite exciting individuals to give us talks (via zoom or in person) on their various economic knowledge and expertise. In my spare time I enjoy playing various sports and fittingly listening to podcasts. Please feel free to contact me at

Economics Journal
Charlie Fraser
Chief Editor
Tatyana Wu
Chief Editor

Hey! I’m Charlie, a third year Economics student from Trevs. Alongside Tatyana, I will be leading the Journal’s team of editors and writers. This year, there’s an emphasis on increasing the Journal’s exposure and collaborating with other societies. Whether you’re an Economics student who has written for the Journal before, or an Engineering student who has just discovered Ceteris Paribus, don’t hesitate to get involved! Feel free to contact me at

Heys! I’m Tatyana, a second year Economics (with Study Abroad) student at John Snow College. As the Co-Chief Editor, I will be writing and editing entries, as well as overseeing and promoting the Durham economics journal, Ceteris Paribus. We encourage all years and disciplines to get involved, whether as part of a writing team or even just a one-off contribution, in hopes to further our outreach and provide an inclusive platform where everyone can express their economic thoughts and opinions. Any questions or suggestions, do slide into my inbox at!